Sony to push software updates for Xperia T, TX, brings Miracast streaming support

Sony has announced that it will start rolling out a software update for Xperia T and Xperia TX smartphones this week. This update brings several improvements to both the devices include HD voice support for Xperia T.

Other major improvement in this update include the Miracast wireless mirroring support, using which you will be able to wirelessly mirror your smartphone screen onto a Miracast-compatible display.

This update also brings extended standby time to both the devices, this feature increases the standby time by up to 4 times.

According to Sony:

When the screen has been in sleep mode for a few minutes, Wi-Fi and data traffic will temporarily be disabled and most applications will become inactive. Core functions such as calling and messaging will work as normal; you will still be able to receive calls, messages and notifications. Once you touch the screen to wake the device up from standby all functions are back to normal!

The new software update also brings media apps update:

Movies app now let’s you run the show from the dashboard with a small viewing window, controls and film gallery.

“WALKMAN” app’s interface is more dynamic, with changing colours to reflect the track’s album art.

Album app utilises Mobile BRAVIA Engine with even higher contrast, depth and sharpness in photos and videos. You can also make full use of SenseME Slideshows, delivering a tailored presentation matching music to your image’s ambience.

The update will be available both OTA and via the Sony’s PC Companion app.

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