LG might be planning to sell Nexus 4 at €599 outside Google Play

Reports are coming from several European countries that LG might not be planning to sell the new Nexus 4 as cheap as Google is selling it in Google Play.

Looking at the disparity in the pricing, a Spanish retailer has even dropped its plans to sell the phone, reported The Next Web.

According to the blog, Phone House announced on its Facebook page that it is suspending plans to sell Nexus 4 after it learned that manufacturer LG is to sell the phone at a far higher price than Google is offering directly.

Such pricing is not limited to Spain; reports from Italy, Austria, and Denmark are also indicate that LG is planning to sell the phone for around €599 ($768), which is a lot more than Google Play pricing of $299/$349 in US and €299/€349 in European countries.

Angry customers in Italy have taken to LG Facebook page to protest against such high pricing.

If this is indeed the case, we don’t expect a see a pricing less than INR 34-35K in India, whenever LG plans to release it, suddenly making it not-such-sweet-deal, which it was looking until now.

LG has not issued any statements till now, but we hope that LG gets its act together.


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