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HTC wants 20 per cent of Indian smartphone market

HTC might be struggling globally and its revenues might be down over 60 per cent year-on-year basis, but that is not stopping it from having high hopes from the Indian market.

The company’s country manager Faisal Siddiqui told Financial Chronicle in an interview that his company is aiming to capture 20 per cent smartphone market share in the next 18 months. Company currently has 6.8 per cent of the smartphone market share and will need some serious marketing along with great product line-up to get to the dream 20 per cent figure.

“Our business grew over 100 per cent in India last year and the country will be one among the top four fastest growing markets in the world such as the US and China for us,” Siddiqui said.

HTC has recently launched two new Android smartphones in the country including India exclusive dual-SIM pone Desire SV and an improved version of already available One X.

Photo Credit: HTC India

4 thoughts on “HTC wants 20 per cent of Indian smartphone market

  1. They better do it fast before the co. hits the red-mark financially. I was impressed with the One Series line-up .. much better than Samsung’s Galaxy SIII in terms of sheer quality. Sticking to 4.3″ screen size would do a lot of good to HTC in the Indian market.

  2. they need 3 things to look about: ads, proper ads. better pricing. and specially something to replace the ageing Explorer. Else forget 20%, i don’t even see 2%.

  3. They should make more phones with shit small battery, overpriced and bloated with sense skins why 20 % they can expect 100 % indian market .
    Who wouldn’t want to buy a slow but well specced and over priced phone which runs out of juice in 4 hours thats exactly what every Indian want’s .

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