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How to root and install CWM recovery on Micromax A110

micromax-a110-superfone-canvas-2-9Given the popularity of Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 (also check out: Micromax A110 review), the smartphone is expected to have an active Android development community soon. But, for most of the tweaking on your Android phone, you need root access and even a third-party recovery sometimes.

This guide should help you in rooting your Micromax A110 and flashing ClockworkMod recovery, both are fairly easy processes but you should only perform them when you are sure of what you are going to do. In case of any issues, we don’t be able to help and rooting and flashing third-party recovery voids your warranty. So, be careful.

Now if you still want to go ahead, here is your rooting guide first.

  • Download the root tool from here.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Micromax A110.
  • Connect the phone using supplied cable to a PC, drivers should be automatically installed.
  • When the driver installation is finished, extract the root tool that you downloaded earlier to a folder.
  • Now, run the runbe.bat file from the folder
  • A command prompt based tool will open, follow the on-screen instructions and your phone will get rooted in no time.
  • You can use the same tool if necessary to un-root your Micromax A110 later.

Now, how to flash the CWM recovery:

  • Download the recovery file from here.
  • Rename this file to recovery.img
  • Transfer the renamed file to your phone SD card.
  • Download MobileUncle MTK tools from Google Play on your Micromax A110 and install it.
  • Open the MTK tools app.
  • Select update recovery option, now choose the recovery.img that you have just transferred to your Micromax A110.
  • The app will flash CWM recovery on your A110 now.

Your phone will reboot in CWM recovery and then you can do whatever you want.

In case of any problems consult this forum.

Other downloads: Stock Micromax A110 recovery (if needed),  stock Micromax A110 ROM (if needed)

Thanks Gaurav for the tip, Source : Droidiser (1, 2)

7 thoughts on “How to root and install CWM recovery on Micromax A110

  1. Bought MicroMaX A110 . MY first anrroid Phone. Root it using the above step. But theres lot to do for new Users.
    – Checking Drivers are properlty installed.
    – Directory Bind doesnt clean up files from SD Card.
    – So do the swaping of Internal SD Card and External SD Card.
    – Loaded NFS Most Wanted and it works like charm.
    Please email me for more info and screenshot at jj1735 at gmail dot com

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