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Google Wallet Card mention spotted on official Google Wallet help site

If case you missed a previous leak suggesting that physical Google Wallet cards were on the way, a new leak originating from Google’s very own help pages have confirmed the existence of these cards.

Google has since edited these pages to remove any references to Google Wallet Card, but a cached page is still available.

According to the information available so far, Google will launch a Google Wallet card in the days to come, which will act as a replacement to NFC enabled Google Wallet app, in cases where there is no NFC enabled tap-and-pay terminal is present.

This single card will work as the replacement for all your cards, which is what Google Wallet is trying to achieve. No need to carry all your credit, debit, merchant, and loyalty cards, but just take your Google Wallet card along with you and it will, along with Google Wallet app, work as the replacement of them as and when needed.

Why a Google Wallet Card?

“When you can’t tap and pay. You can use the Google Wallet card to make in-store purchases. Add you credit and debit cards to the Google Wallet app, then use any of them in stores using just the Google Wallet card, you can leave all the cards you used to carry at home,” notes Google in leaked app screenshot.

TechCrunch, which spotted this in the Google help section, adds:

On the page entitled “Eligible Devices,” Google mentions that all Android devices with an operating system of Android 2.3.3 or higher are able to download the Google Wallet app for use with the “Google Wallet card.”

Of course, “Google Wallet card” is precisely how the new, physical Google card was referred to when the leak was detailed last week.

There is still no word when are we going to see the official launch of these Google Wallet cards.

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