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Sony to resume Xperia Tablet S sales in mid-November

Xperia Tablet SSony Japan has announced that it will resume the sales of Xperia Tablet S next month, after it took off the tablet from selves almost a month ago following a manufacturing defect.

The company is already performing repair of the sold faulty units and if you think there is an issue with the water resistance of your Xperia Tablet, consult your nearest Sony Store.

The problem with the tablet, which is supposed to be splash-proof, is the result of a manufacturing flaw at the Chinese plant where it is fabricated. Actually during the manufacturing process, there was small gap between the display panel and the back of the product that would let water reach the inside of the tablet in case of accidental spills.

So, it seems Sony has fixed the problem with its manufacturing process, and the Xperia Tablet S will be back on sale in mid-November.

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