Russia's Google “Yandex” launches Android app store

Russian search giant Yandex has announced the launch of an Android app store. Dubbed as, company is already teasing it at; it is expected to go live some time in this quarter.

According to Yandex.Store website, there are over 38,000 Android apps currently with the store and they are increasing by day. As most of the app stores, will also work on revenue sharing basis, and will get 30pc of the revenue generate by the paid applications.

The store also supports In-app purchasing with payment options that include mobile billing, credit card and e-money.

As per the available screenshots, the store front looks very much like a mix of Google Play store client and Amazon app store, giving users a familiar feeling.

Yandex already competes with Google in a number of businesses from Maps, to Search in Russia and wants to extend that to app distribution now.

Yandex’s app store will be available to telecom operator and manufacturers to bundle with their Android devices; they will also be able to brand it to suit their needs.

According to the company, the store will first be rolled-out in Russia, followed by other markets where Yandex operates, such as Turkey and other CIS republics, later it will go global.


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