Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass coming to Android next year: Report

Microsoft is pretty busy with the Windows 8 event scheduled for October 26. And just when we thought we’ve heard it all, news continues to trickle down fro the company’s stable. This time its about SmartGlass.

The company is expected to bring the new technology to multiple platforms including Android, reports Pocket Gamer.

For those of you unfamiliar with SmartGlass, Microsoft first unveiled the new software at this year’s E3. SmartGlass is designed for Xbox 360 users that allows them to stream and share contact across various devices like smartphones, tablets and televisions.

At E3, the company demonstrated multiple uses of Xbox SmartGlass such as turning a smartphone into a remote control to surf the Web on a TV and using a tablet as a secondary display for information about games, TV shows and movies that were being played on a TV at the same time.

At the time of launch, Microsoft did announce the app’s availability for Windows phones, Windows 8 and other mobile devices. However, in order to be able to use the app, users will have need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Microsoft will be officially launching Xbox SmartGlass on October 26 as a free downloadable app.

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  1. why have andriod next year in the title and not specify in the story that only people who go and get a new windows 8 phone or tablet will b getting it today and every1 who is waiting for andriod and ios will be waiting another 6 MONTHS

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