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LG’s upcoming Nexus smartphone gets detailed

We have been hearing about an LG-built Nexus smartphone for quite some time now, but suddenly there has been a flood for information about the device, probably because the launch is just about a month away.

According to Paul O Brien of Modaco, LG and Google are planning to launch the smartphone in mid-November, but it is still not clear whether it is the only Nexus smartphone that we are going to see this year or there will be multiple phones as rumoured.

Paul also states that LG’s Nexus smartphone is indeed based on Optimus G but will sport a different look, similar to what Android & Me reported yesterday. The smartphone will come with wireless charging support, something we are expecting to see get a native support in Android 4.2.

The smartphone will just have 8GB and 16GB variants and there is no microSD slot, which will certainly be a dampener for many. Apart from that, LG‘s Nexus will come with quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, True-HD display, on-screen Android navigation keys and 8MP camera.

Other details including an actual image are still a secret, but given the fact that the smartphone has already been distributed to Google employees for dogfooding, we might see some leaks in the days to come.

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