Google Play operator billing comes to Sweden via Telenor; Norway, Denmark in pipeline

Telenor customers in Sweden will finally be able to pay for app purchases in Google Play using operator billing. The consumers with the telecom operator will get an update to Google Play store on their Android device, which will enable the carrier billing for them.

The update roll-out is starting today and will go on this whole week. Telenor consumers will also see a curated Telenor section in the Google Play client, which will include 50 recommended apps from the telco.

This news comes almost a year after Telenor and Google announced their tie-up to bring carrier billing in Google Play to over 11 countries. There is no word on why it took so long for Telenor to implement this.

“As of today, Telenor customers in Sweden will have the opportunity to pay for apps and games purchased on Google Play(TM) via their phone bill as well as access an exclusive shelf in the Google Play store. Customers in other Telenor operations will have access to the same functions in the near future,” telecom operator noted in a press release.

Telenor has also stated that operator billing will be soon rolled out to Norway and Denmark followed by Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand. Google and Telenor are also working on deploying operator billing in Denmark, India, Bangladesh, Serbia and Montenegro.

What is operator or carrier billing: In simple words, with operator billing, you can add your Google Play app purchase bills to your mobile phone bill, rather than paying via credit card.

How to use operator billing:

  • Ensure that you’re on your carrier network, not WiFi – if you’re using a wireless network, you won’t be able to purchase using carrier billing.
  • Locate the Android app you’d like to purchase on Google Play, and tap the blue rectangle that contains the price.
  • Select the option to bill to your mobile account from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap Accept & buy.
  • If you’ve used carrier billing before, you’re done! Your app will begin to download.
  • If required, add your address information in the space provided.
  • Tap OK.
  • Confirm your address information on the verification screen, making any necessary corrections.
  • Tap Accept & Buy.

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