Google Play now lets you purchase apps in Indian Rupees

As we reported earlier, Google has made buyers’ currency live for Android users in India on Thursday. From now on, any paid app purchases that you will make from Google Play will be charged in Indian rupees on your credit card.

This change saves you some bucks, which your credit card provider used to charge you earlier because of currency conversion. Buyer’s currency will also allow developer to put special pricing for the Indian market if that want, meaning more promotions for Indian users.

The change, which went live yesterday as promised by Google, has been confirmed by us by making a purchase just now.

Google seems to have finally realised India’s importance as an Android market, and has been doing a lot of things to make Indian users and devs happy. Company had also allowed Indian devs to publish paid apps in Google Play a week ago. Operator billing might also be landing in India soon via Uninor, as its parent company Telenor has finally started implementing it in the first of 11 promised countries, which include India.


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