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EE’s 4G network goes live on Oct 30; Galaxy SIII LTE, other 4G devices available starting today

UK telecom operator EE has announced that it will launch its 4G network for public on October 30th, 2012. The announcement comes after the crunch meet between telecom operators that turned out to be a success and a new 4G roll-out plan was decided, which was earlier a point of contention, as EE was granted permission to add 4G to its existing network later this year, before both O2 and Vodafone.

UK government has now stated that 4G data services should launch by spring 2013, six months earlier than planned.

“We are delighted to announce that the official launch of our new customer brand, EE, offering the UK’s first superfast mobile 4G and fibre broadband service, will take place on the 30th October 2012.

EE has showed off its 4G network weeks ago, but because of the problems with rival operators, it had not revealed a launch date.

According to EE, its 4G network will be able to cover 16 cities this year and it aims to offer 4G to 98% of the UK population by 2014.

4G devices on EE

EE has also announced that the first 4G-ready smartphone on its network will go on sale today.  According to the telco, Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE, HTC One XL and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE will be available to buy on Orange and T-Mobile 3G price plans starting Wednesday.

It also stated that once the 4G EE brand launches in the coming weeks, Orange and T-Mobile customers with 4G smartphones can then choose to move across to the new 4G EE or remain on the existing 3G network.

Telco will also be adding the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE to its 4G smartphone range. The Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE will be available from 15th October.

“We’re delighted to now be offering our customers a range of 4G ready smartphones to choose from. Not only can they use their phones straight away on the UK’s biggest 3G network, but they can also have the opportunity to be amongst the first to benefit from superfast 4G mobile speeds when we launch our EE brand on October 30th,” said Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer, EE.

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Source: EE, BBC

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