Android 4.2 to come with Project Roadrunner, improved Google now and more – report

Update: These rumours are fake. Android & Me, which is the source of the information has posted that these rumours are not correct.
As we are coming nearer to the launch of next Nexus smartphone and Android version, rumours are mounting up to reveal the alleged details of both the OS and device.  While, there is no way to authenticate them, they are worthy of sharing.

After last night’s big leak on LG Optimus Nexus specifications, we now have alleged features of Android 4.2.

According to a report in Android & Me, which seems to be getting hold of a lot of Nexus information these days, Android 4.2 will come with Android customisation center, project roadrunner, enhanced Google Now, revamped stock video player and a new Play Store.

As we posted previously, Android customisation center seems to be a solution to deal with manufacturer customisations. Rather than the default system-wide integration of custom UI, we will now have a space, where manufacturer will be able to provide extra features, themes, language packs, widgets, sounds and more. While, it will be compulsory for Nexus manufacturers to use this, as they are bound to provide stock Android experience and customisation center will be the only place where they can add their own stuff, but the normal retail devices won’t necessarily come with stock Android and manufacturer UI in the customisation center.

Coming to Project Roadrunner, similar to Project Butter and UI smoothness, Google has improved the battery life of Android devices in Android 4.2 with Project Roadrunner.  If true, this is certainly a welcome improvement for every Android user.

Google will also be introducing a new and improved version of Google Now in Android 4.2, Android & Me claims that this improved Google Now will be able to reply to phone FAQs like “how can I activate Bluetooth”, or “How can I download applications?”

Other changes are expected in Google Play and the stock video player. Video player s reportedly getting a major revamp and will come with new APIs for other video services to tie in.

The Android 4.2 is expected to be announced in October-end at AllThingsD’s Dive into Mobile conference, where Andy Rubin is speaking.


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