Amazon says $199 Kindle Fire HD is best-seller, updates the tablet with kid-friendly FreeTime feature

To take some shine away from today’s Apple iPad mini launch, Amazon as announced that its Kindle Fire HD tablet is the best-selling product across, the title which was until taken by original Kindle Fire.

“Since launch, the $199 Kindle Fire HD is the #1 best-selling product across all of Amazon worldwide.  Kindle Fire has been the bestselling product across since the launch of the original Kindle Fire last fall, and this continues Kindle Fire’s run as the world’s #1 bestselling 7-inch tablet,” Amazon stated in a press note.

Amazon has also revealed that it is bringing the promised FreeTime feature to Kindle Fire HD tablet via an OTA update, the feature allows parents to limit kids’ access to specific content on the tablet or how long will they use and for what.

Kid-friendly FreeTime also allows parents to track what kids are doing on the tablet. The features was originally demoed at the Kindle Fire HD launch event, but was not available in the tablet initially.

“Today, we are starting to roll out a new, free, over-the-air software update that will make Kindle Fire HD even better, including bringing Kindle FreeTime.  With FreeTime, parents can select all of the content their kids see, limit their kids’ screen time by content type and kids can’t exit FreeTime without a password,” added Amazon.

The update also comes with some bug-fixes and will improve the overall functioning of the tablet.

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