Amazon looking to acquire Texas Instruments' smartphone chip business: Report

Looks like Amazon’s hardware ambitions are touching a new high, as the e-tailing giant is reportedly in talks with Texas Instruments (TI) to buy its smartphone and tablet OMAP chip business.  The report coming from, which suggests that both the companies are in “advanced negotiations.”

Late last month, Reuters reported that TI is planning to shift away from the wireless business as it faces huge competition from Qualcomm, NIVIDIA and also Apple and Samsung, which make their own chips and is looking to go for a broader market.

Amazon, which has been using TI chips in its Kindle Fire line-up, would have taken this as a nice opportunity, so that it can exert more control over the chips used in its tablets. We have also heard reports of a possible Amazon smartphone in making and buying TI’s smartphone chips business would certainly fit well with that.

There are no other details available right now and we will update the post as and when something else appears.


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