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Sony releases new update for Tablet S; brings guest mode, new media apps

Along with the ICS update for Xperia go, sola and U; Sony has also released a software update for Tablet S.  The update does not take the tablet to Jelly Bean but brings various software enhancements.

The Sony Tablet S update is currently rolling out in the United States and should be released soon in other countries where the tablet is available.


  • Guest Mode – Easily share your tablet with family and friends! You’ll notice in the upper right hand corner you now have an icon for guest mode. This allows you to create additional modes for your friends, children, family members, whoever. You can restrict or grant access to specific apps, and you can customize the wallpaper and icon layout for them.
  • New media player applications (WALKMAN®, Album, Movies)
  • New Small Apps – More apps in the Small Apps feature. Now you can overlay a small browser, IR remote, calculator, voice recorder and timer on top of another app.
  • New macro functionality on the Remote Control App – You can now add six programmable macro keys, which allow the ability to turn on multiple devices, including TV, Blu-ray Disc™ player and audio system, with the touch of one button.
  • New widgets, including Topics
  • Socialife – Social Feed Reader Cloud has been revamped as Socialife.

The post has been updated to reflect that the update is for Tablet S not Xperia Tablet S. We apologize for the error.

2 thoughts on “Sony releases new update for Tablet S; brings guest mode, new media apps

  1. I’m a Xperia Tablet S owner and I’ve had all these features since day 1. I suggest you correct your article and specify it is for the Tablet S not the Xperia Tablet S.

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