Indian Android users campaign for Kaju Katli as the next Android version name

A group of enthusiastic Indian Android lovers are campaigning for Kaju Katli as the name of next Android version. The campaign has already got the support of over 2075 people.

What is it?

Well, Android versions are traditionally codenamed based on a dessert or other sweet treat and these names are in alphabetical order.

We have already seen C- cupcake, D- donut, E- Éclair, G – gingerbread, H- honeycomb, I – Ice Cream Sandwich, J – Jelly bean and now it is the turn of ‘K.’ so, the campaigners want the next version to be named on Indian sweet “Kaju Katli.”

“KajuKatli is delicious, a part of our lives since childhood and every mention of the delicious Cashew & Ghee mix excites us. Let’s urge Google to name the next version of Android as Kaju Katli,” notes the blog post on the campaign.

Is this possible?

Till now, Google has only named Android versions based on sweets/desserts popular in the United States, but given the rise in Android usage globally, it is high time the search giant took the sentiments of Android users outside US also into account while naming the Android versions.

India is one of the fastest growing Android smartphone markets and has a sizeable population of Android users. So, yes it is indeed possible that Google names an Android based on a dessert/sweet popular in India.

Key Lime Pie?

We have heard some reports suggesting that Google is planning to name the next version “Key Lime Pie”, but nothing is official right now.

If you want to support, you can sign the campaign here.

PS: Hey Google, are you noticing #KajuKatli For Android?


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