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Google Play 25 Billion Promo: Day 4’s discounted premium apps

Google is running five day celebrations in the Google Play store to mark the 25 billion app downloads and as a part of these celebrations, per day there are select premium apps available at discounted prices.

Three days of the sale are already over and we have day four’s discounted premium apps. These apps include popular games like Cut the Rope and apps like Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro. These apps and games can be grabbed for just $0.25 (INR 13.37).

Here is the full list of apps:

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (game)

Sky Safari (game)

Cut the Rope (game)

Where’s My Perry? (game)

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro (app)

RealCalc Plus (app)

Madden NFL ’12 (game)

UK Bus Checker (app)

Pool Break Pro (game)

Order & Chaos Online (game)

Cogs (game)

Camera ZOOM FX (app)

You can head to this link to find the collection in Google Play. (Don’t worry, if you see yesterday’s app that will change soon).

Google had recently completed 25 billion app downloads in Google Play, which comes after around 9 months of getting to the 10 billion app downloads milestone. This Android app store is closing the gap with iOS App Store, which had crossed the 25 billion app downloads milestone in March this year.

One thought on “Google Play 25 Billion Promo: Day 4’s discounted premium apps

  1. RealCalc Plus is the pick of the lot. Been looking for a calculator like this since ages. Downloaded it .. works great!

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