Indian developers can now sell paid apps in Google Play Store (Update – No)

Indian app developers have a reason to rejoice, as Google is now allowing Indian developers to sell paid apps in the Google Play Store. Until now, they were only able to distribute free applications via Play Store.

Paid apps will be another way to monetisation for Indian developers, who were until stuck with advertisements as the sole source of revenue. Folks at Android Police were first notice this change in “Supported locations for merchants” page of Google Play for Developers help section.

Given the thriving developer community in the country, we can expect more cool Android applications in the days to come.

To sell paid apps in the Google Play Store, developers will have to register as Google Checkout merchants and then they will be able list paid apps in the Play Store. However when we tried setting up a seller account in Google Checkout, it refused to do that and gave the following error (the same was confirmed by others too).            We do not currently support seller accounts from this location. If you have an existing Wallet account, please use the Wallet settings page to change your country of residence.

Looking like Google still have to make it live, but that should not take much time. We hope to see it working in next couple of days.

Update: Google has not removed India from the list of supported countries. So, it seems Indian devs will not be able to sell paid apps in Google Play for the timebeing.

Thanks Selva

4 thoughts on “Indian developers can now sell paid apps in Google Play Store (Update – No)

    1. Thanks Selva, for this wonderful news, Could you please provide me contact details of entity where we can get in touch regarding uploading of applications. I have tried the developer log in at android, but it only provides limited name set of countries. Is there a worm hole to google to get a firm news and expected date of launch.



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