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Barnes & Noble Nook HD vs Amazon Kindle Fire HD Vs Google Nexus 7

With the launch of Barnes & Noble’s new Nook HD tablet, consumers in US and UK have three great 7-inch tablets to choose from. On one hand we have Google’s Nexus 7 running stock Android 4.1.1, and on the other hand, we have Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD, both of which run on forked version of Android 4.0.

For tablets buyers, it is more about content and app support than anything else. Apart from apps, Amazon has this huge amount of content on offer to Kindle Fire HD consumers, whereas with 675,000 apps to choose from Google Play, there is no one defeating Nexus 7 in app-choice and other content is also available in decent quantity. But, Barnes & Noble tablet have a decent small curated library of apps, and other content is also increasing day-by-day.

If we look at all the ecosystems, Google is the winner in apps, Amazon in other content while Barnes & Noble is average in both.

Now coming to the hardware of the tablets, no doubt all three have some industry leading specifications, but the little things like microSD support and GPS or camera are going to play a very important part in purchasing decision.

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