Amazon building an ad-supported Kindle Fire; may launch two tablet versions

New Kindle Fire 2As we are coming closer to the Amazon press event on September 6, more and Kindle tablet rumours have started floating around and the latest one is coming from Wall Street Journal, which claims that we might see the launch of an ad-supported Kindle Fire next week.

The idea of having a Kindle Fire 2 with advertisements support to bring down prices does not sound all that surprising, considering Amazon has successfully implemented it in the Kindle e-readers with discounts of $30-$40 in the pricing.

As you would expect, the WSJ report is little light on specific details, but it does say that ad-supported Kindle tablets are part of company’s simple plan to give consumers cheaper option with great hardware.  The new pricing will also put pressure on the like of Google (Nexus 7) and Apple (iPad).

WSJ notes that the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet would display an advertisement after the user “wakes” the tablet.

On the other hand, CNET is reporting that there will be two Kindle Fire versions at launch next week, and both will be 7-inch, unlike previous rumours that suggested a 10-incher too.

CNET states that out of these Kindle Fire versions – one will be completely new, while the other will be a slightly improved version of existing Kindle Fire tablet.

In other news, The Verge also posted a few images (see above) of the upcoming Kindle Fire tablet and reported that the new tablets will come with a fresh user-interface.

Well, we will have to wait and see which of these or both come with ad-supported model and more in the coming week.

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