50pc of Android devices have security loopholes

More than 50% of Android devices have unlatched vulnerabilities, reveals Duo Security, a start-up mobile security firm. Many Android users are tired of their out dated software, courtesy untimely updates from carriers and manufacturers, making them more prone to malicious attacks.

Jon Oberheide,chief technology officer at Duo Security believes that vulnerabilities can remain on devices for months or even years because carriers are “very conservative” in rolling out patches to fix bugs in Android, mostly because it is expensive to develop, test and implement an update.

The company has designed X-Ray, a mobile app that conducts vulnerability assessment” on Android devices. The app, which launched just a few months back, can identify known, yet unpatched, vulnerabilities in the mobile platform itself that could be exploited to take full control of users’ phones.

“Since we launched X-Ray, we’ve already collected results from over 20,000 Android devices worldwide. Based on these initial results, we estimate that over half of Android devices worldwide have unpatched vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious app or adversary,” Oberheide said in a blogpost.

Oberheide will be providing full details of his research on Friday at the United Summit conference in San Francisco.


  1. Able to install using appinstaller BUT unable to run it. Says “Error connecting to the X-Ray cloud service. Please try again later” despite internet connection.


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