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Unknown HTC tablet spotted on Twitter

HTC tabletDo you want a HTC tablet? Well company might be planning to unveil one at the upcoming IFA trade fair. Images of an unknown HTC branded tablet were spotted on Twitter this morning. There is no information accompanying these images, so all we can do is take a look at these images.

As there is no way to test the credibility of these pictures, but these look pretty old, may be of a shelved HTC tablet project.

The OS on the tablet is certainly Android; the version is still in question. Apart from that the tablet looks very thin. The design as well as the camera placement is very odd, but at least this won’t attract any patent sharks.

HTC is yet to see any success in the tablet segment and has only released two slates till date – Flyer and Jetstream, which was an AT&T exclusive in US.

We hope to hear more about this tablet from HTC very soon.

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