Google Play Store now updates your apps smartly, and it’s good for all

Google has enabled what it calls “Smart App Updates” in Play Store. Originally announced at Google I/O developer conference, this feature allows Google to only push the updated parts of an app to a user’s phone or tablet rather than the typical full application.

This feature is particularly helpful with big apps or games, which otherwise would suck the battery life and data balance.

This feature is not Play Store/Android Market version dependent as it is ruled entirely from the server-side.

How would it impact normal Android users/Telecom operators/Developers?

For users: They don’t have to waste expensive data, when an app update would just be about 30pc of the total app size.  It would save their device battery life, as they won’t have to spend 1-15 minutes every day updating their apps.

For telecom operators: It would take a lot of load off their already congested networks, as consumers will no longer be downloading the entire app everytime  it updates but just the changed parts.

For app developers: Not every Android user has an unlimited data plan and these plans are particularly expensive in certain countries, so users wait for free Wi-Fi to update apps on their Android devices, but now when app updates are very small, they will be more frequent with the updates. Thus developers will have more than ever Android users running the latest version of their app.

This is particularly nice week for Android users, as yesterday only we told you about the upcoming Gift Card and Wish List support to Play Store (seems, will be US only at launch).  So, it seems Google has bringing quite some changes to Play Store.

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