HTC, Samsung comment on Jelly Bean update plans

The first question on every Android consumer’s mind is whether my phone/tablet will get the Jelly Bean update or I will be stuck at ICS or worse at Gingerbread.

Two of the top Android manufacturers HTC and Samsung have become the first ones to comment on their plans with Jelly Bean but nothing concrete has been revealed so far.

Samsung on Jelly Bean updates:

Samsung will soon announce which additional devices are eligible for the Jelly Bean update. As the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung leads the Android community with best-in-class devices like the Galaxy S III, and is creating new device categories with products like the Galaxy Note. Samsung has delivered the most Nexus-branded lead OS devices and we are pleased that Google will be bringing Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S customers the first experiences of Jelly Bean on a handheld device.

HTC on Jelly Bean updates:

We are excited about Android Jelly Bean and are planning to support it across a variety of our devices.  We are reviewing the software to determine our upgrade plans and schedule, so please stay tuned for more updates on specific device upgrade plans“, said HTC in an official statement.

A huge chunk of Android devices are still awaiting Ice Cream Sandwich updates and the worst offenders is Motorola, which seems to be lost in the update maze. With ICS updates already in pipeline for all these companies, we are not sure how they are going to accommodate Jelly Bean updates now.

We hope every Android manufacturer gets its act together and announces clear update plans.

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