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HTC One S available in India for INR 33K with 1.7GHz dual core S3 processor

Online retailers have started selling the third model in the HTC’s One series, One S in the country. Being sold at varied pricing, seems to have got the cheapest deal at INR 33,000; on the other hand is retailing the smartphone at INR 36,157.

As reported previously, the model being sold in India is powered by a generation old dual-core Qualcomm S3 processor, while the model initially showcased (and now available in UK and some other countries) runs on brand new Qualcomm S4 Krait processor.

The S3 processor has been clocked at 1.7GHz in the smartphone. Other features include 4.3 inch AMOLED qHD display, 8MP rear camera, front camera, Android 4.0, HTC Sense 4.0, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and 1650mAh battery. It is also company’s thinnest phone till date with just 7.8mm thick body.

At this pricing, HTC One S certainly does not look enticing, but still is anyone of you planning to buy the device? Do let us know in comments.

20 thoughts on “HTC One S available in India for INR 33K with 1.7GHz dual core S3 processor

  1. Its a bad idea, we all have seen how poorly the snapdragon S3 performed in sensation XE as compared to competition. Plus at 1.7 GHz, battery life will surely get affected….

  2. I checked both the listing on infibeam and saholic. They mention 1.5 ghc dual core and saholic specifically mentions Qualcomm MSM8260A Snapdragon chipset. However, HTC india website mentions 1.7GHz, dual core. Stupid retailers

  3. ya it has 1.7 dual core…for india and taiwan only
    otherwise 1.5 for rest of the countries.

      1. nope. most of those who will but the mobile will notice the 1.7Ghz dual core and not the S3/S4 thing. heck how many knows about Qualcomm Krait and Scorpion? Those who regularly check tech will immediately catch it but that doesn’t even comprise 1% of the total buyers base.
        So. easy sell.

      2. Maybe it makes sense (no pun), as a few reviewers have insisted that the S is better than the X in terms of value for money. But at this price point, …

      3. i personally find a 4.7″ to be way too big and so S is better. At least one can properly pocket it and the current screen resolution is sufficient for most if not all. Also international one X has WiFi problem (most likely another deathgrip). So if HTC ships One S 1.7 with a bigger battery then yes both are balanced.

      4. dude im planing to ship htc one s from dubai as my neighbour returns from there, what would you reccomend me to?
        either to buy or to go for any other smartphones ? please help

  4. on infibeam one x is rs100 cheaper..many othr websyts ofr one x at rs 35k.. Why would any1 buy one s when they get one x at the same price…. Stupid pricing..

  5. Yes. HTC mobiles are worse. My experience was very bad with the HTC wildfire. I bought it when it was just introduced and within three months the touch screen was behaving erratically and finally failed. When I took it for service I was told it is a problem being faced by many buyers and the entire touch screen has to be replaced. I decided to buy another brand.

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