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CyanogenMod 9.0 RC1 download now available for 37 devices

After a long wait, CyanogenMod team has started rolling out the first builds of the RC1 release for CM9 today. The RC1 comes 225 days after Google made the Android 4.0 code available on AOSP.

According to the team, 37 lucky devices will receive the CM9 RC1 release today. You can check your device name at the download page whether it had made the cut.

From the CyanogenMod team:

It wasn’t quick or easy, but we are extremely proud of this release and what it represents for us as a group. The jump from 2.3.7 to 4.0.4 in many ways was a fresh start for this project, and as much as the code changed, the structure and organization of CM as a whole changed as well. It meant a lot of hard work, and late nights, but also a ton of fun. We are in this for the challenge, and the reward is always the satisfaction received when we release it to the masses as a ‘stable’ product. This RC1 brings us a step forward toward that payoff.

As we’ve mentioned before, this release serves as the first wave of RC1?s. With the ‘core’ OS stabilized, our device maintainers will continue to work on their device trees to bring up more devices, this includes some of the newer releases as well as some from the older generations; but we’ll save that for another day.

Some of the devices getting RC 1 today are HTC Sensation, Sony Xperia Mini, Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S II.

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