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Sony Xperia U goes on pre-order in India, might be priced as low as INR 16,499

Looking for a good mid-range Android smartphone, Sony Xperia U should be on your list. Originally showcased at Mobile World Congress, Sony’s Xperia U is now available on pre-order at online retailer Letsbuy and has also been listed on Flipkart (not on pre-order).

Sony India has already announced it with Xperia S last month in the country, so we are just waiting for the official availability date.

We are looking at two prices right now; Letsbuy has listed INR 17,399, while Flipkart is showing just INR 16,499. We would suggest you to wait for it to become available to get the right pricing.

Sony Xperia U runs on Android 2.3, but will be upgraded to Android 4.0 in the coming months. Other features of the smartphone include 1GHz dual core processor, 5MP rear camera, VGA front camera, 3.5-inch capacitive display with 854X480p resolution, 512MB RAM, and 8GB of internal storage.

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22 thoughts on “Sony Xperia U goes on pre-order in India, might be priced as low as INR 16,499

  1. The ratings on flipkart for the phone is suspicious.. only ~4 GB without card slot and already 10 ratings with 1 review and rating is 4.8/5. It must most likely be rigged

  2. HTC One V comes with Dedicated Camera chip and Beats Audio..
    So Better to go for HTC One V…

    1. Beats Audio is there without the headphones, what kind of sorcery is this? And this has a dual core.. so this>htc one v. Though I prefer sense over sony UI.

      1. What he said plus beats audio is just gimmick it sucks, this a dual core cortex a9 chip not a 2 year old sad quallcomm single core cpu. What dumb reason dedicated camera chip lol where do u get stuff like this haha

  3. hey u guys…u know’s timescape ui is really sucks..
    i dont like that actualy…Htc Sence is far more better than sony’s…
    And about htc..??
    dont compare anyone with htc…A solid unibody phone with a dedicated camera chip,dont know about beats audio…
    And about sony..??this phone looks like its made spcly for gals…hege..

    1. You guys are really really really naive or stupid to compare a phone with single core a8 cortex chip to a dual core a9 chip , this phone will probably mop the floor older HTC dual core phones and one V wont stand a chance.
      Seriously whats the crap arguement about camera chip ?? its does have such a thing everything is software.
      and Sony gives updates to all its phones not only the top end phones.
      if u dont like the sony skin thats personal opinion because honestly nothing beats a stock AOSP rom like cynogenmod . Also sonys skin is much lighter and dosent lag the phone cant say the same about sense its one of the heaviest skins in market rightnow .

      and FOR GODS SAKE dont take about beats thats nothing special its just a gimmick EQ settings with emphasis and bass that is this has been covered many many many many many times already audio quality on beats phones are utter crap , if u want best audio in the world from a phone its still the original Galaxy S with the voodoo mods ,
      A Sony with DSP manager again mops the floor with the so called beats audio which is nothing more than marketing gimmick and doesnt enhance squat on phones .

      PS: if ur whinging about storage so much just wait for sola that wont be more than 2 or 4 k from this phone bigger screen and SD card slot.

      1. SOLA doesnt have a secondary cam..y cant they make a perfect phone like samsung..every phone is incomplete always..

      2. have to agree. with Manish. Sony has a defect list from which they select atleast one feature for nearly all the phones.. extremely small screen(2.8″, 3.0″) , small battery, no sec cam, very very low internal memory, no sd card slot. But the phones definitely look good and have a good processor and newer upgraded OS compared to its peers..

  4. Xperia U is good value for money for its specs. HTC one V’s single core processor is an outdated one and seems overpriced for its features. This has a dual core processor with upgraded GPU. It will get ICS within few months. Sony’s camera quality and sound is anyday better than HTC. Moreover Sony bundles its mid range androids with in ear noice cancelling earphones which HTC does not provide.

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