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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 launching soon in India

Samsung is planning to launch their Android 4.0 tablet Galaxy Tab 2 310 in the country very soon. The launch could happen as early as next week.

Originally announced back in March, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 7-inch display, HSPA+ , 1GHz Dual Core processor, 3 MP Camera on the rear and a VGA front facing camera.

It is expected to be priced aggressively to take on the recent flood of low-cost tablets from several Indian manufacturers. At launch, this will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from the company in the Indian market.

In other news, Samsung is also set to start the sales of Galaxy Advance from May 16 in the country. It was recently announced along with Galaxy Pocket.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 launching soon in India

  1. Does this tablet support voice call and SMS? And do you think it’ll be priced at $250 in India also?

    1. 250 $ is for the wifi model. The 3g model wasnt released in US.(not sure abt the other countries though.) My guess is the wifi version could be abt 4-5 k more than the US price.

      ON a different note why is the original single core 7.0 tab (Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 Wi-Fi, 16 GB) shown as coming soon in Flipkart? Is samsung re-releasing it. I hope they do it .

  2. I guess The 3G model costs around 23k. but why they postpone every month release of this tab.?

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