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Samsung Galaxy S II ICS update live in India

After months of wait, Samsung India has finally started rolling out Android 4.0 update for Galaxy S II owners in the country. The update is available over-the-air as well as via Samsung Kies application.

The update size is 220.31MB, and it includes Touchwiz UI along with Ice Cream Sandwich goodies like Face Unlock, Re-sizeable widgets, performance improvements, new People App and a lot more.

As consumers wait for the Galaxy S III release in the country, it is certainly welcome news for a generation old phone owners.

Thanks everyone who sent this in

38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II ICS update live in India

  1. Can u tell me how you get the OTA updates & from which Part of India
    In gujarat no OTA updates for ICS s2

  2. Everyone.. Go for Kies… Took me half hour… Worth the wait.
    Pros: Awesome new UI, task killer, notification killer, great keyboard, snappy camera, data usage is cool, new gmail, new youtube, faster updates to other apps, new lock screen, new settings, new browser, CHROME, multitasking works like a smooth ride on butter. Love it. i love the notification bar.. its where u can identify the change btwn I9000 and I9000G.

    Cons: Touchwiz sucks, no calender update, no clock update, adding widgets is a time waste, resizing widgets is still a bummer, nothing new to other stock apps.

    Final Verdict: Awesome!!, speedy, snappy, edgy and much better looking than 2.3 Gingerbread.

    1. Thats a lotta help Rishi,Just out of curiosity can you just tell more on the difference between I9100 and I9100G?

      1. I am not sure but here are my two cents….I9100 is the proper international version with slightly better specs…. while I9100g is the Indian version of GS2 packing less heat under the hood.

        I don’t understand why a less powerful version for India by Samsung.. :/

  3. it all looks good… nut im facing problems with internet browsing, email(not the gmail app) and phone restarts if i open play store!!! anyone else facing similar problems?

  4. Dont know whats the problem..
    But those who are using 2.3.6 should get ota update..If u are using 2.3.5 then u have to use kies to update ur droid..

  5. Any one give detail please what is PDA Phone CSC no. is now?
    I don’t getting even 2.3.6 now via OTA

  6. The ICS update is not available OTA however it is available via Keys. The Upgrade is worth it. I love the feel of my Galaxy S2 now.

  7. after the latest update for my samsung galaxy S2, status bar brightness slider is not working even after unchecking the auto-brightness option. please help me to know whether anybody else have the same issue.

  8. I am facing an error once the firmware components are downloaded the error message says it as ” Failed to acquire administrator of GT-I9100 ” how to solve help

  9. usb tethering has stopped working on my sgs2 after installing this official ics…is it same with you all ?

  10. Device does not support software upgrading via kies(my phone aint rooted)… also NO ota.{kerala}
    wat ta do…. help…

  11. Finally I could update to ICS. What a messy job it was?
    Updating to Kies is one of the frustating stuff you could ever imagine.
    At the end got the clue that we need to do the following if the kies is not recognizing the phone if connected through USB

    a. key in the dialer *#7284#

    b. it has 4 option there..



    c. For USB. select the PDA.if it already selected to PDA. reselect it by select MODEM and then? PDA again.. Only change the USB setting.. and then press back. try reconnect.

    Then could update the kies to its latest version.
    then upgrade the firmware twice to actually upgrade it on my SGS2.

    Internet was not working ( cleared the cached to get it working)
    Fonts are fine.
    RAM is 768.
    I could forward the messages now and the call logging is little better now, should improve it to reach it anywhere near HTC.
    But atleast a start.
    WiFi keeps on disconnecting, it is a big concern.
    Need to explore more

    1. while upgrading it keeps on showing preparing firmware upgrade components for hours .help required

  12. m facing a promblem from kies an error pops up that the firmware update has stop working what to do plzz help

  13. After ics update wifi disconnects & reconnects automatically after every 3 minutes
    Bad experience
    Rest all is too good


    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: gt-i9100.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4e695566
    Problem Signature 04: FirmwareUpdateAgent.Common
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4e695566
    Problem Signature 07: 208
    Problem Signature 08: 0
    Problem Signature 09: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  15. Finally did it yesterday.

    First, I had to upgrade my Kies to the latest version.
    Then, Kies wasn’t recognizing my device on USB.
    Dialed *#7284#
    Selected PDA for USB.
    Next problem was there wasn’t enough space on my C drive, at least 3 GB is required. Somehow manged to get rid of some unnecessary files.
    After upgrade, Internet stopped working and so did all apps which used it as the default browser, such as Google Search. Cleared cache and it started working.
    Some apps now using the default font instead of my customized one.
    Some ringtones seems to be missing.
    No data loss however.
    ActiveSync is not showing any other folder than Inbox.
    Others seem to be working fine.

  16. I tried to upgrade my S2 through Kies. Downloaded the new firmware through Kies. Afterwards Kies just displays a screen saying..”Preparing the new firmware for upgrade”. This goes on for about 2 hours and still nothing happens. And all the time my phone was connected though USB. Any one any ideas. I live in India. Phone was purchased in India.

  17. After updating my phone to ics.
    5.1 channel in music is not working also some times sound playing from phone speaker has problems..
    It slows up….please help.

  18. I have upgraded my S2 from Android 2.3 to 4.0.3 some time back…Facing lot of problems since then. WiFi takes time to switch on. Touch screen response is slower than before. Memory consumption is above 500MB all the time. Slow application start up. Blank screen for few seconds many times when starting application. TWLAUNCHER the main shell is crashing all the time. Getting the message “TWlauncher has stopped working” very often. Is there a way to go back to previous version…

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