Samsung disappoints Indian consumers, says no Galaxy Nexus for you

Yes, Samsung India has done it again. After months of promises and statements, Samsung India today announced on Twitter that company won’t be releasing Galaxy Nexus in the country after all and consumers should wait for Galaxy S III.

It isn’t the first disappointment from the company so far this year, even the Galaxy S II and Note buyers in the country are still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich update. Users in several other countries have already got the update for these two smartphones after even going through the additional carrier testing, which does not take place in India.

Samsung might call India a very important market but time and again its actions have suggested otherwise and Galaxy Nexus episode is one example of that.

Galaxy Nexus was originally announced on October 19, 2011 and have been released in several countries till now including various smaller markets.

What is more disturbing, that Samsung India had earlier tweeted about a January launch, then it got delayed till March and now suddenly company says no we won’t release it at all. Company has not even made a proper statement to the eager consumers and the “no Galaxy Nexus launch news” is actually coming from company’s reply to a few users on Twitter.

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