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Simple script allows users to easily remove Blur from many Motorola Devices

If you own a Motorola device, chances are you either love or hate the OEM’s “Blur” overlay. As an AOSP purist at heart, I would absolutely fall into the latter group, provided I owned a Moto phone or Tablet (HTC and Asus all the way here, baby). If you just cant stand the way Blur looks, you might find interest in this simple script that was compiled by XDA Senior Member Lokifish Marz that allows you to de-Blur almost any Motorola device.

Here’s what Lokifish had to say about the script:

If you are afraid to unlock or bootstrap but want better performance from your Blurred phone then this is for you! There’s something to be said for Moto’s consistency with regards to Blur. Many current Blur APK’s retain the same name and levels of integration across multiple devices. What this translates into is that a universal script with subsections for device/carrier specific files that can be used to deBlur the Android Moto line. So without further chatter, here’s the “Something Special” I’ve been working on for ALL you locked Blurred Phone users.

Basically, when the script is ran it removes many elements of MotoBlur and carrier bloat from your device and installs ADW launcher for your homescreen navigational needs. Additionally, you’ll end up with an extra 50 megabytes of system app space and 60 additional megabytes of RAM — pretty sweet, eh?

For additional information and a complete list of devices that this script will work on, check out the original thread on XDA. Remember to read all of the details carefully before doing anything to your device. We are not responsible for anything that happens if you run into problems.

Via: XDA

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