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Say hello to rAndy, the new CyanogenMOD mascot, by Caio Alves!

It appears as though the face of CyanogenMOD has permanently changed. A while back, the CM team asked the community for submissions of their own homemade mascots. The submissions would then be reviewed and voted on by the team and the selected winner would be chosen to represent the custom ROM project from here out.

After a few week’s time and much debate from inside the CM camp, a winner has been chosen and his name is Caio Alves! Tentatively known as rAndy, Caio’s sumbmission was “simple, clean and easily recognizable in multiple sizes and applications”, so the decision was made that rAndy’s mug will be plastered onto future CyanogenMOD releases.

The mascot has not been completely finalized as of the time of this post. Caio and the CM crew are working closely with one another to  incorporate a few last minute changes and will be showcasing the little bugger to the world (hopefully with a new name) soon. At that time, we will surely update you with the finalized version.

Until then, what are your thoughts on the new mascot? I have to say I agree with the CyanogenMOD team that rAndy is simple and clean, and it will definitely be nice to see them stray from the usual cyan blue Android figure used in previous releases. It’s also quite exciting to see the tremendous amount of community support the ROMs have received since their inception. Without the community, none of this would be possible.

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