Is TSF Shell Launcher's latest update enough to make you drop all that coin?

TSF Shell Launcher

A while back, I did a quick video review of TSF Shell Launcher to showcase some of the applications more noteworthy features. While, TSF definitely adds some razzle-dazzle to your Android homescreen, many people just aren’t comfortable coughing up their hard earned dollars ($16.80 in the United States) for a launcher that might just be a bunch of bells and whistles.

If you decided to take the plunge, you might be interested to learn of a new update that has landed on the Google Play Store for TSF Shell Launcher. The newest version was 1.4.0 and brought with it the following functionality:

  • Screen Editor.Manage your screens, including increasing extended screen number, changing the order of screens.
  • 3D Transition Effects Option.
  • Switch between landscape and portrait.
  • Desktop Configuration Backup feature.
  • Props Animation Status Switch.
  • Support all resolution wallpaper.

After that version was released, some users ran into the problem of insufficient space resulted by setting the screen density and and were prompted in the case of adding a widget to their homescreen. Version 1.4.1 was released shortly after to correct this issue.

What do you think? Do these new features and fixes look enticing enough to make you drop the money for TSF Shell? If so, or if you’ve already got it installed, click the link below to grab the latest version.

Download TSF Shell Launcher

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