Instagram for Android surpasses 1 million downloads in first 24 hours on Google Play

Yesterday, Instagram for Android was finally released on the Google Play Store. The release caught the attention of just about every tech news website on the Internet and caused a major buzz in the social network circuits. So much of a buzz, in fact, that the app has already been downloaded over a million times.

I’m not sure if there are any official records kept for this sort of thing, but it seems to me like this has to a world record; if not, it has to be pretty darn close. The only other release as of late that might even come close to doing Instagram-like numbers would be Rovio’s Angry Birds: Space — even then, I’m not sure Instagram would come in as a runner up.

What does this say about about the future of Android applications and games? In my opinion, it all adds up to big dollars for developers and better quality products for us as users and consumers.

Android has come a very long way since it was released back in 2008. With roughly 1 million Android devices activated around the globe each day, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent to developers that there is a great demand for quality work and there’s also a ton of cash out there, just waiting to be claimed by the next big thing.

As for Instagram, I’m really enjoying the app. I hadn’t delved to far into the world of Instagram prior to yesterday — I knew it existed and I knew people were dying to get it on Android — but that’s about all I knew. I’ll admit, it’s not really anything groundbreaking though. Most of the functionality found within the app can be found in a number of different apps that were already available on Google Play.

Could this just have been a case of, “If iOS has it, we need to have it to?” It’s not our job to be the judge of that. Our job is to bring you all the latest and greatest news, as it happens. That’s what we will keep on doing. Oh, and if you haven’t already grabbed Instagram, hit up that link below. Cheers!

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