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Datawind launches two tablets – Ubislate 7+, Ubislate 7c

Akash Tablet Aakash TabletDatawind has launched two new tablets UbiSlate 7+ and 7C recently for Rs.2,999 and Rs. 3999 respectively. Dubbed as the successors of much-touted but crap Aakash (Ubislate) tablet, these come with upgraded specifications.

Both these tablets have a 7-inch display, 256MB RAM and are powered by Cortex A8 800 MHz processor. Other features include 3200 mAh battery, Android 2.3, GPRS as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

While the UbiSlate 7+ comes with a 2GB internal memory and has a resistive display, the UbiSlate 7C has a 4GB internal memory and a capacitive display.

Datawinds has also got a few partnerships in place for its new tablets. As a part of which, Aircel will be offering UbiSlate users 2GB of GPRS data for Rs 100 a month. For the content bit, Datawind has partnered with Yahoo India, and these tablets will come pre-loaded with Yahoo services.

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  1. I am still awaiting for my Ubislate 7+, god knows whether it will come or not. I know one one guy who has got it and reviewed . I don’t know whether he is genuine or not but he has got so much details. I believe we can only confirm it once we get our own. TIll then keep waiting.

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