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CyanogenMOD's new mascot finalized and officially named Cid

A few days ago, we told you about the new face of the most popular custom ROM series on the planet, CyanogenMOD. At the time, the little guy was tentatively named rAndy and there were still a few last minute changes to be made before everything was set in stone. Now, those changes have been made and a new name has been selected. Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Cid.

Cid was officially introduced to the world via a post on the CyanogenMOD blog. In the article, Caio Alves (Cid’s creator) shed some details on the background of the new mascot.

“When I first started working on the new mascot I had this vision of making something that could also work as a polished and modern logo. I came up with two humanoid figures whose bodies took inspiration from heroes action figures and resembles the original Android robot. For the heads I started with two ideas: a power socket and a simplistic round head. I wanted CM’s own robot to feel like an evolution of what we had before, giving it its unique look – and it’s a huge challenge to try to evolve something people know and love.”

While many people in the community have been hating on Caio’s work and saying it’s not up to the job of representing the CyanogenMOD project, there are many others who welcome Cid with open arms.

I personally like the new design and am looking forward to seeing the little guy in action once he’s implemented into upcoming builds. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “CyanogenMOD's new mascot finalized and officially named Cid

  1. This new mascot doesn’t give a homey feeling to the android world. I personally think they should have stick with original android mascot. Afterall Cyanogenmod is CustomROM for Android. The name Cid sounds good. How do they pronounce it?

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