ClockworkMod touch recovery finally available for Asus Transformer and Transformer Prime

Just a quick note for those of you rocking an Asus Transformer or Transformer Prime; ClockworkMod touch recovery is now available for your tablet and can easily be obtained via ROM Manager. It’s the same great life-saving recovery package that most users with a rooted ¬†Android device are accustomed to with the extra added ability to ditch that volume rocker and navigate your recovery the way it was meant to be navigated.

I haven’t flashed this on my TF101 yet, but I intend to do so shortly after this post goes live. I have used another version of touch recovery on my HTC Amaze 4G before and was quite pleased with the results, so I’m sure this will be just as lovely.

If you have not yet rooted your Asus tablet, you might want to drop by the XDA Forums and do a bit of research. The root method is extremely simple and I had no errors when applying it on my US WiFi-only model. After you have rooted, you can always try out a custom ROM, like AOKP — the one I’m currently running. You will also have the ability to use apps that require root access, like Titanium Backup and ES File Manager.

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