Attention beta testers! SwiftKey 3 is now available for you to help test

One of the wonderful things about the Android ecosystem is the rate at which developers are turning to the community for feedback and support for the development of their applications. SwiftKey, one of Android’s better known 3rd party keyboard development teams, has released a new version of their keyboard and would like the help of the community for the beta testing phase.

If you would like to help beta test SwiftKey 3, all you have to do is head over to the SwiftKey VIP Community¬†forums and register for free. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be free to grab the download file. All SwiftKey would like in return is for you to help them out by reporting any bugs or glitches you encounter while using the keyboard.

As a longtime user of SwiftKey, I can attest that it is one of the better offerings available for Android phones and tablets. There are tons of customization options and settings, and the keyboard is very nice and responsive. I haven’t had a chance to try out this latest offering, but I have a feeling it will be installed on one of my devices sooner than later.

A big thanks to SlashGear, who originally spotted this story and brought this to our attention. They even threw in a video for some visual stimulation. Check it out below:



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