(Update: Fake) Windows Media Player arrives on Android

Update: Looks like it was a fake and has been pulled from the Google Play store. Anyway, if you are looking for a decent media player for Android devices. Here are a few options – VLC, Mobo Player, MX Player and KM Player

Earlier (March 31): Just in case you needed another media player for your Android device, you might be interested in hearing that Windows Media Player has been released and is available for free on the Android Market Google Play Store. The application is roughly 9MB in size and is compatible with devices running Android 2.1 and up.

While I must admit, my heart currently belongs to MoboPlayer, I was immediately tempted to try WMP out, just because it is a name I’m so familiar with. As a longtime Windows user, I was anxious to see how the app would play out on another operating system. Too be honest, I wasn’t immediately impressed.

Open opening the app, you land in a file browser which allows you to search your local folders for video files. There’s not really a lot to it, so don’t expect any major bells and whistles; however, the player does do exactly what it is supposed to do and works with a number of different file types. Have a look below to see the full list of supported files:

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • 3GP
  • GIF
  • FLV
  • MPG
  • OGG
  • WMV
  • SWF
  • OGG
  • MOV
  • MKV

As you can see, that covers just about all of the most common video files, so no clips are left out in the cold with Windows Media Player. The playback, from what I can tell, seems to be comparable to any other respectable media player, with no mentionable bugs or issues.



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