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Video ROM Review: AOKP on the Asus Transformer TF101


One of my favorite things about the Android operating systems is, with a little bit of hackery, I can easily install a custom ROM on my device. In many cases, this ability brings along tons of benefits, including that of being able to test out new versions of Android before they are officially available for my device.

While, Ice Cream Sandwich has been out for the Asus Transformer for about a month now, there are still only a few select custom ROMs available for the tablet that are worth your time in flashing. AOKP, short for the Android Open Kang Project, is one ROM I highly suggest giving a try.

AOKP is available for a handful of devices, and made its way to the TF101 shortly after the official ICS update was released by Asus. After trying it out, I liked AOKP so much that I decided to shoot a little video review to share with the world. Check it out below:

If you’d like to flash this for yourself, head over to the ROM thread on XDA for the download link and instructions. My Transformer is a US WiFi-only model, and the ROM works great on it. I cannot confirm if it works for regions outside of the United States, but feel free to give it a try if you’d like.

Just remember to make a Nandroid backup and read the instructions carefully before you do anything else. We are not responsible for anything you do to your device if you decide to install this. Proceed with caution and have fun!

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