10,000 volts of energy say the HTC One S won't even need a Case

Micro Arc Oxidation

If you’re looking for a reason to buy the HTC One S and the fact that it will come rocking a quad-core processor and Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t already enough to seal the deal, HTC has unveiled a video detailing its Micro Arc Oxidation process applied to the device, which has the Taiwanese phone maker so proud and excited, they’ve gone as far as to boldly state that the device won’t need a case. That’s a pretty hefty claim HTC — I hope you can back it up.

So, wait — what is Micro Arc Oxidation, you ask? Well, to put it in as simplistic terms as possible, the phone gets jolted with “10,000 volts of energy” causing a reaction that quickly leads to the black color and smooth texture. So, in essence, there is no coating here — this is an actual treatment to the metal which provides a unique, strong finish that is sure to turn heads.

From what I can tell, the phone looks absolutely amazing. I’m already up for an upgrade and have just been waiting for a phone to be announced for T-Mobile that will replace my Amaze 4G. I think I may have found the one, ladies and gents.

2 thoughts on “10,000 volts of energy say the HTC One S won't even need a Case

  1. what does it mean by device won’t need a case? You mean there will be no cover in the backside of the phone? 🙂

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