HTC One X headed to UK carrier O2 on April 5


HTC’s latest chapter, the ‘One’ line, has stirred up quite a bit of talk in the Android community. While 2011 saw HTC semi-flood the market with so-so devices, 2012 looks to be the rebirth of a branding for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer. At the top of the One mountain sits the HTC One X, which is set to begin popping up in locales around the world soon.

What makes the One X king, you ask? Well, there are an abundance of reasons that stack up to make this phone one of the sexiest we’ve ever seen from HTC. First, we already know that the phone will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s right; no need to dig for a custom ROM or even root your phone, if you’d prefer not to. Android 4.0 will be yours out-of-the-box. Also, the international version of the device is said to be rocking a 1.5Ghz quad-core processor. The US version will only pack a dual-core processor, unfortunately.

According to a tweet sent out by @O2, the HTC One X will be available on the UK carrier April 5th. We’ve still got a couple weeks until then, so you’ve got more than enough time to decide if this is the phone for you or not. UK readers, will you be picking up a One X? Be sure to drop us a comment in the thread below.

Source: SoMobileTwitter

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