Small update available for Google Maps with new UI for Navigation

Google Maps Update

Google Maps for Android has a small update awaiting you on the Google Play Store. In the newest version, Google has added the ability to get transit directions for preferred transit modes and a new UI has been implemented for the Google Maps Navigation homescreen. At first glance, it looks like Google decided to clean up the homescreen a bit and add easy access to Navigation functionality — a very nice addition, which will help to keep the roads a bit safer when driving.

From the homescreen, you can speak or type destinations, find destinations from your contacts and starred places, and the app shows a list of recent destinations.

Google Maps is one of the most downloaded applications for the Android platform, with a current total somewhere between 100 and 500 million. With numbers like that, it’s great to see Google constantly taking steps to improve an already-stellar application — even when they’re baby steps, like in this case.

The latest version number of Google Maps varies by device, but should be readily available for updating if you already have the app installed and check the “My Apps” tab on Google Play. If you’re not already using the app, feel free to click the link I’ve included below and pick up your copy.

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