Rumor: Android 5.0 (JellyBean) to be released in Q3 2012

Jelly Bean

While only 1-2% of Android devices available are now rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, the Internet is already abuzz over the next installment, Android 5.0, which will bear the sugary-sweet nickname “Jelly Bean“. According to a report from CNet, Jelly Bean will be launched in Q3 of this year; more specifically, it may come towards the end of June, right around the time of Google I/O. This time frame makes sense to me, considering I/O is the search engine giant’s big annual event in which they tease us with the latest and greatest products they have to offer.

The problem I see here is, as I opened this post with, Ice Cream Sandwich has barely even begun to sink in yet. There’s an entire community out here waiting for their taste of Android 4.0 — many of these folks will unfortunately never get that taste unless they get a new phone or tablet. Then, once the next version is released, we’re right back at square one with another flock of device owners crossing their fingers in hopes that their investment holds up.

As for now, this is┬ájust a rumor, so we will treat it as such. We’ll definitely be watching this story with the rest of the world and will surely let you know when something solid is revealed. Until then, feel free to take to the comment thread below and voice your opinions about this matter. Are Android versions being rushed out too quickly?

Via: CNet


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