Rovio drops another 'Angry Birds: Space' teaser with the infamous Red Bird

Angry Birds: Space
Rovio has released a new video to its YouTube account, in an attempt to create a buzz for the upcoming release of Angry Birds: Space, set to hit an Android device near you on March 22nd — if you still give a hoot about Angry Birds, that is. After this long, I often times find myself wondering why Rovio hasn’t decided to venture into an entirely new game, rather than continuously shoving these winged beasts down our throats every few months or so.

Anyhoo, I know there are still a handful of you out there who care, so I figured I might as well spread the love. Take a look below to see what our old friend, Red Bird has been up to as of late. I will say, the space theme might actually bring a new twist to the game with gravity thrown into the mix, but I’ll wait until I get a chance to play it before I go jumping out of my underpants about the game.

That was 16 seconds of your life well spent, wasn’t it?

As always, we’ll be sure to let you know when the game officially hits the airwaves for public consumption. Signing off for the day from the United States, have a wonderful weekend, India! I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon.

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