Lycetter Bros scrolls SteamPilot onto Android, available exclusively on Amazon App Store

SteamPilot for Andriod

If side-scrolling games are your thing, you’ll be glad to hear about the latest release from Lycetter Bros, called “SteamPilot” — a pretty cool indie 2D side-scroller, in which you have to catch fireflies during the night and use their flames to keep the lanterns of your city lit. Along the way, you’ll have to dodge buildings and avoid pesky bats that lunge out at you in the moonlight. At first, the game starts out simple, but gets quite challenging as you progress.

Game Features:

– ‘Catch the fireflies – Light the lamps’
– 2D animated side-scrolling game
– Steam powered fish balloon flying machine
– Steampunk inspired graphics
– authentic piano-accordion soundtrack
– Silhouetted mechanical landscape

As the title of this post implies, SteamPilot is currently available only on the Amazon App Store, for now. If you’d like to give it a try for yourself, this nifty little game will only set you back $0.99. Not sure if SteamPilot is for you?

No word on if/when SteamPilot will be released on Google Play.

Developer Website: Lycette Bros

Amazon Market Link: SteamPilot

Via: DroidGamers

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