IMDb Movies & TV app for Android receives ICS-friendly face Lift

IMDb Movies & TV for Android

The IMDb Movies & TV app for Android has just been updated on Google Play. The latest version  is focused on improving the Android tablet experience for IMDb movies, TV & celebrity fun across a wide variety of device types and sizes. The app has been completely revamped to provide a smoother experience for tablet owners, adding even more reason to my claim of this app being a “must-have” for anyone even remotely interested in movies or television programming.

Also included in the update is Android 4.0 compatibility, an enhanced homescreen specifically designed for tablets and an improved design and experience for a variety of 7” tablets. Showtimes have been improved and the “Hardware Controls: Take Pictures & Video” permission has been removed from the list, as it is no longer needed.

IMDb is a great resource for entertainment information and has even made me a couple bucks in barroom bets that required some fact-checking to prove my point. The app is available for free on Google Play; if you already have it installed on your device, your update awaits. If not, feel free to click the download link below.

Download IMDb Movies & TV

Thanks for the heads up, Android Central!

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