Google’s Apple Siri competitor to be known as Assistant, coming in Q4?

Previously rumored as Project Majel, Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri might be launched as Assistant in fourth quarter of this year, reported Techcrunch recently. Since the launch of Siri as a part of iPhone 4S in October last year, there have been rumors that Google is working on its own version of the app in the secret Google X Labs. But now it seems that Assistant is not a product of Google X Labs and is being prepared by the Android team with the help of Search fellow Amit Singhal.

According to the Techcrunch report, Google Assistant will go beyond Siri in many ways and will rely solely on Google for the information rather than Siri, which uses data from several partners. Google will also make the Assistant API available for app developers so that they can include it in their apps and take the usage even further.

According to TC source, Google Assistant is likely to be released in Q4 this year, but we are expecting it to become available along with next Android version Jelly Bean, which is being rumored to launch much earlier.

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