Google Play Store updates to 3.4.7 to fix Motorola support Issues

Google Play Store and the whole Google Play branding is not only a big change to the way we use our devices, but also a huge move for Google and Android as a whole. Many of you may have thought you deleted your market some how, absolutely hate the new name or icon, or can’t believe Google just dropped an update with out warning. Your situation could be worse. A whole slew of Motorola device owners were just as irritated as you were, with the exception that they couldn’t even use the new Play Store. Apparently there was an incompatibility issue between the update and certain versions of the MotoBlur UI. Most notably, users couldn’t install anything and kept getting broken links. What a drag.

Now that Google owns Motorola, you know that can’t be an issue left unresolved. Today, Google pushed out an update bringing the Play Store to v3.4.7 that will resolve those nagging issues that so many of you have been rather upset about. You may have not noticed the update roll through yet, so check your device by going to settings, apps, Play Store. There, you should see the version number. If it is 3.4.7 then you are up to date. If not, clear the data and then restart the Play Store, it should automatically roll through. Now, if none of that worked and you are still on v3.4.6, you can manually install the updated on your own. Download the apk file below to your device. Make sure ‘Unknown Sources” is checked in your settings., then open up your favorite file explorer app and locate the apk. Tap on it to initiate the install. Hopefully that will fix you right up.

Download – Play Store 3.4.7

Source: XDA

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